Casa do Sapo  (the House of the Frog)

Amazon Timber Frames, Inc. announces the completion of Casa do Sapo (the House of the Frog).  This beautiful and unique outdoor timber frame structure spans a Koi pond and is constructed from a variety of exotic Brazilian hardwoods. These include Jatoba, Goncalo Alves/Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Ipe, Cumaru, Brazilian Ebony (all wedges), Tatajuba, Sapucaia, Purple Heart and Marblewood.  Held together with approximately 300 wood wedges and 100 pegs, Casa do Sapo is 60' long.  Its precisely cut timbers form a complex structure that conforms to the contour of the pond below. Because of the delicate nature of Koi and the many other living creatures in this pond, including numerous frogs, Brazilian hardwoods are ideal. They are naturally decay resistant and, without treatment of any kind, will endure many years of service. (Design by Bruce Korson, Katherine Dron and Rick Paid).

Amazon Timber Frames (ATF) produces precision handcrafted timber frames at our company-owned facility in Brazil using the world's finest hardwoods.  As the only company in the world producing exotic wood timber frames, ATF has set a high standard for itself, providing start-to-finish logistics for every timber frame project.  ATF's highly skilled crew erects these structures to specification at jobsites around the globe. 

Our company is committed to ecologically sound business practices and is therefore what the timber industry calls a "green" operation. Land that is cleared for agriculture, hydro electric and mining are ATF's primary source of choice logs. ATF has developed its own green programs revolving around this abundant and often wasted natural resource. We offer over 100 Brazilian species to choose from in an amazing variety of natural colors and exotic grain patterns, allowing for a great deal of creativity and customization and ensuring that the end product will be a one-of-a-kind home.  More photos below...

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