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CALL US TODAY AT (231) 620-0463
Exotic Hardwoods Harvested Using GREEN 3D Guidelines...

About Amazon Timber Frames

Amazon Timber Frames (ATF) produces precision handcrafted timber frame homes and commercial timber frame buildings at our company-owned facility in Brazil using the finest Brazilian hardwoods harvested under exclusive 3D (Dying, Dead, and Down) guidelines.

As the only timber frame company in the world producing exotic wood timber frame structures, ATF has set a high standard for itself, providing start-to-finish logistics for every post & beam construction project. ATF’s highly skilled crew of timber framers erects these timber-framed homes and wooden structures to specification at job sites around the globe.

Amazon Hardwoods

The most durable, beautiful and highest quality materials in the entire world.

Boatbuilders make the best timber framers. Boatbuilding requires highly evolved precision joinery not often seen in timber framing. Our people are simply the best craftsmen on earth. They are truly artists. Brazil has a proud history of boat builders that dates all the way back to 1690, when the Portuguese settled the country. With the resources available and these talented native craftsmen, even difficult effects, such as curves, can be achieved. We’re also proud that we are helping to preserve this traditional trade.

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About Timber Frame Building

Although timber frames have been around for thousands of years, their popularity declined in the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century, partly due to a demand for quickly-built, low-cost housing. As a national trend toward quality over quantity slowly began to take hold in the 1970s, this type of construction experienced a revival and has been steadily gaining new fans ever since.

As the only company in the world producing exotic wood timber frames, ATF has set a high standard for itself, providing start-to-finish logistics for every project, whether commercial or residential. If needed, the company can provide design services or a design referral. It is also possible to convert a conventional home plan to a timber frame. After the customer has chosen which wood or woods will be used, the next step is preparation of the timbers in Brazil. ATF’s entire skilled workforce in Brazil consists of former boatbuilders, who are experts in handcrafting timbers. Using adzes, chisels, wooden mallets and planes, they produce results unmatched by any machine.