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The world’s premier residential and commercial supplier of precision, handcrafted timber frames made from the finest and sturdiest Brazilian hardwoods harvested GREEN under exclusive 3D (Dying, Dead, and Down) guidelines.

From boat building in the Amazon to...


In the first episode of this channel actually showing how Amazon Timber Frames are made we tell the story of Tang, Zero Impact Brazil manager and Rick’s right hand in pretty much everything. Tang is from a boatbuilder’s family from Obidos – a town in the Amazon that still has the best shipyards in Northern Brazil. Also, we’re showing a Timber Frame made for our friends from the and featuring the Big Tree Story Trailer that covers the story of the Giant Red Cumuaru. Tell us in the comments what should be the next episode: another Timber Frame for the MyersPoint, boatbuilding in the Amazon or the red Cumaru collection!

Amazon Timber Frames featured in...

"Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise" Magazine

Read this 7 page article about how Amazon Timber Frames is rescuing Amazon timber and honoring the spirit of the Amazon region in Brazil. This article was featured in the February 2008 issue of Sedona Home & Garden’s publication “Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise”.

Green Lifestyles on Paradise Earth
Amazon Green -- Building a New Image for Brazilian Hardwood Harvesting

"Top of Environmental Quality" Award from the Brazilian Parliament

Amazon Timber Frames and its company-owned manufacturing facility in Brazil, Zero Impact Brazil (ZIB), are both deeply committed to ecologically sound business practices.  ZIB itself recently earned the “Top of Environmental Quality” award from the Order of Parliamentary of Brazil (OPB). OPB noted in its letter of recognition that it values and encourages the initiatives of the company in the treatment of the environment, saying that it shows great responsibility in helping to establish and maintain “harmony in nature and the biodiversity of the planet.” ZIB is now authorized to use the “Top of Environmental Quality” stamp in all of its products, services and media materials.


Brazilian hardwoods may come in a variety of colors, but in the hands of Amazon Timber Frames, they’re all green!


Design & Build Process

We make it easy for You!

During the Process you will advance through several stages: design meeting, preliminary, schematic, and progress plans. 

Project Progress Photos

Photos from start to finish

We work tirelessly from receiving your order until bringing your project to life. View photos from previous projects taken throughout the process.

Hand Split Shake & Exterior Siding

Most durable woods in the world

Hand-split Brazilian hardwood shakes and hand hewn exterior siding are our latest products made by our expert craftsman using time-tested, traditional methods. 

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