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CALL US TODAY AT (231) 620-0463


ATF provides start-to-finish logistics for every project, whether commercial or residential. This also includes architectural services or referrals, including converting conventional home plans to a timber frame if requested. Building materials include exotic woods in an amazing variety of natural colors and grain patterns, allowing for a great deal of design creativity and customization.

In addition to the structural elements for the actual framing, ATF can also provide siding, decking, custom flooring, inlays, trim, stair parts and paneling, all manufactured by independently owned Rare Earth Hardwoods.

Another product innovation from ATF is hand-split Brazilian hardwood shakes. These shakes are naturally fire resistant, available in a multitude of colors, and handcrafted from ipe, itauba, massaranduba, jatoba and many other durable species.



After the customer chooses which wood or woods will be used, the next step is the preparation of the logs in Brazil. Using both the latest high-tech machinery and traditional tools like adzes, chisels, wooden mallets and planes, they produce precision-built structures unmatched in the industry.


ATF’s entire skilled workforce in Brazil consists of former boat builders, who are experts in handcrafting timbers. Brazil has a proud history of boat builders that dates all the way back to 1690 when the Portuguese settled the country. With the resources available and these talented native craftsmen, even difficult effects, such as complex curves with intricate joinery and intricate custom carvings, can be achieved. ATF is proud that it can be part of preserving this traditional trade.


When the complete timber package is ready, it is shipped down the Amazon and across the ocean to a major coastal port, where it is transferred to a truck and continues its journey to the building site – which could be anywhere around the globe.

Assembly and Construction

Upon arrival at the site, a highly skilled crew of timber framers led by the designer and builder who heads up ATF’s Brazil operations erects the structure to specification.